Friday, November 2, 2018

Fall Living Room Tour

Even though this room is not "finished" the way I would like it, I thought I would go ahead and share it with you. Welcome to our living room--or the "great room" as our house plan referred to it.

The room is an open, two-story room that has very little wall space on which to place furniture. The rear of the room towards the screened-in porch actually functions more for traffic flow because of the opening into the kitchen, access from the master bedroom, and access to the screened-in porch, leaving a smaller space than we realized that is actually usable. But, nevertheless, we made the most of it with furniture arrangement by placing our sofa against the stairs and chairs around the periphery.

The focal point of the room is our beautiful fireplace and heart pine mantel--made from very old-growth, reclaimed, heart pine wood. We love the natural look and did not want to mar its beauty by staining or painting it. You can clearly see how tight the graining is in the old-growth heart pine. Our builders simply sealed it for us with no stain. The fireplace surround is thin brick that matches the brick used on our foundation and chimney, called "Oakton" from Triangle Brick.

The bookshelves and cabinets to either side of the fireplace as well as the overmantel designed with beadboard and trim to match the rest of our trim were built by our wonderful builders who are master craftsmen. They are painted "sea salt" by Sherwin Williams to match our kitchen cabinets. They are so simple, replicating the Shaker-inspired cabinetry and trim throughout the house.

I had a difficult time choosing a chandelier for this room--something simple with a farmhouse look but also large enough to fill up the tall ceilings and contrast with the white paint. We thought about pendants and so many different styles of light fixtures, but in the end I chose a classic oil-rubbed bronze chandelier with 9 lights that hangs from a generous chain from the ceiling.  We also have recessed lighting in the ceiling that illuminates the space really well.

For the stairway, we chose to continue the dark walnut stain with the standard red oak wood for the stair treads, stair railing, and the boxed newel post. We painted the stair risers white as well as the simple "pickets" in the railing. I love how our stairs turned out--very simple but still elegant.

We installed a gallery wall going up the stairway wall with mostly family photographs. We plan to expand this as we locate and frame more old family photos and take new ones :)  I did not systematically measure these but rather just by eye placed the frames offset from each other in a balanced way. 

The floor is standard oak hardwood flooring stained in dark walnut with a satin finish. We reused a rug from our previous living room but I'm considering getting something with a little more color in it for this space as a nice contrast to the light-colored furniture.

The space between the back doors to the screened-in porch functions as a traffic flow area, with areas to travel from the living room to kitchen, master bedroom to living room and kitchen, porch to living room and kitchen. and from all of the above-mentioned spaces to the upstairs. It gives the space a nice open, airy feel but it is also a large amount of "wasted" space. We have my husband's keyboard in this space but can't really put any other furniture here without crowding it too much.

All of the furniture here is what we had in our old house--nothing new. If you have any questions about specific pieces--just shoot me an email or leave a comment and I'm happy to give you the details!

Currently we have a canvas of a family photo sitting above the fireplace mantel but eventually we would like to frame some artwork for the space that goes along with much of the Shaker-influenced design choices we made for our house. Our thought is to either frame a print or paint ourselves a "Shaker Tree of Life." This emblem is found all over the former shaker communities that are now historic villages. We especially love visiting Shakertown, or the Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill in Kentucky.

Hope you enjoyed our fall tour of the living room and stay tuned for more room tours of the new house!  I don't know about you but I am LOVING this cooler weather.  We have already had a couple of fires in our fireplace :)

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  1. Love all you have done, looks lovely and cozy,color of wood, paint,and that staircase. It all takes time,have fun and enjoy each step of your wonderful home.