Friday, September 21, 2018

The Guest Room and Bath

I apologize for being MIA lately--I've been both lazy and so busy that blogging is not at the top of my priority list. But I miss it just enough I've decided to try and finish out the room tours of our new house. Next up on my tour of our recently completed farmhouse is the guest room and guest bath. I'll start with the guest bath:

Because we have quite a bit of company that visit us all throughout the year (lots of family and friends), we really needed a guest room that had its own bathroom. Both the girls' room and guest room have a bathroom embedded in the greater bedroom area that is entered from the loft area on the 2nd floor.

Since it is a small bathroom, we were able to fit in our budget a classic grey and white tile pattern on the floor as well as on the shower floor. The shower is a walk-in shower with glass doors, grey and white subway tile walls and oil-rubbed bronze hardware. We added a wooden teak corner seat for seating and extra storage.

The vanity has a interesting story--we actually found it on Craigslist early on in our house building journey as a washstand and our builders converted it for use as a vanity. It already had the marble top and we selected a vessel sink with a wall-mounted, oil-rubbed bronze faucet. Most of the shelving and cabinets in the vanity are still usable and offer much-needed storage. Because a lot of the counter space on the washstand was taken up by the sink, we installed a little glass shelf above the faucet as well as some storage shelves to the right of the sink for additional storage/counter space.

The mirror is one I already had--a family heirloom. The light fixture is fun and different--I think it fits the vibe of the bathroom pretty well.

We installed hooks for towels on the walls instead of towel bars and I hung some pictures with black frames that contrast nicely with the white walls.

The guest room, on the other hand, is far from "finished." We really have only outfitted it with the bare necessities needed right now for guests--a bed, a chair, a luggage rack. A few furniture pieces like the trunk in this room simply because we don't have another spot for them right now.

The room has two nice big closets with shelving which has been glorious for storage and space for our guests to hang their clothes!

I have not developed much of a design scheme for this room except with what we already had on hand. Perhaps it will get updated later on down the road. I did hang family photos on the walls and above the bed are two Ale-8 One wooden crates (A Kentucky soft drink) that add some visual interest and texture to the space.

The floor throughout the upstairs is carpeted in this color, and even though it may not be the most attractive--I LOVE how it feels and I love its functionality for the girls, us, and guests. It is so comfortable, cozy, and easy to maintain--great for kids!

The view from this room is exceptional--overlooking the rear of our property and the side yard where our chickens and vegetable garden are located.

Before I leave you (hopefully for not nearly as long this time), I'd hate to not share some exciting news our family has been blessed with lately: we are expecting our third baby--a total (and shocking!) surprise. The girls are so excited to welcome a baby sister in late January. Stay tuned for future posts because you'll never guess where we have set up the nursery :)