Sunday, January 21, 2018

Snowfall at the New House

Although we have had two other snow events at the new house so far, this is our first BIG snow. We got about 9 inches which is a LOT for here in North Carolina. It was incredibly beautiful and wonderfully peaceful.

The girls were so excited to get out and play in it--sledding, building snowmen, and of course drinking hot chocolate to warm up once we came inside :)

Our chickens, on the other hand, did not think too highly of the strange white cover on the ground. Most of the hens did not come out of their little coop and set foot on the ground until about 4 days after the snow had fallen! Our rooster was the only brave one...

The views from every direction were stunning. I loved seeing our little homestead in a blanket of snow and thankfully my husband was able to capture some great photos on the second day before it all began to melt.

What are your favorite things to do in the snow? Hope everyone is staying warm!


  1. I live in Okla.,and have not received any snow but, it has been really cold and windy. These pictures were so wonderful and know you are enjoying the beautiful scenery, thanks for sharing.

    1. We sure are enjoying being out here! It's been fairly cold here too this winter but our weather is all over the place it seems. I hope you get some snow soon!