Saturday, June 17, 2017

House Build Progress: Exterior Updates

Since nothing too exciting has been happening on the interior of our farmhouse build lately, today I'd thought I would share some updates on the exterior. It's hard to believe we are at the point of picking out paint colors but yes--it's true!

Since my last post our builders have finished the siding, all exterior trim, the front and back/screened porch flooring, and they installed the roofing!

I love our new roof--it's a "5 V-crimp" metal in the standard silvery galvalume finish. In addition to being very durable and economical, I really think it fits well with the farmhouse look as most older farmhouses in our area have metal roofs.

The hardieplank (cement fiber board) siding comes standard in a grey color but we plan to paint it and the trim white. I never tire of classic white for a farmhouse--and it really makes the windows and brick foundation pop. With the dark exterior window sashes, the white will definitely give the house that "modern farmhouse" look. Currently most of the house has been primed already--and all exterior painting may be finished by next week!

The porches will have painted or stained floors but their trim will also be white. If we don't like the paint--as my husband says--we can always paint over it later. So glad that he has this attitude :)  I'm really looking forward to painting the ceilings of our porches a robin's egg blue color--an old tradition that was said to mimic the color of the sky.

Other than the front porch steps, the carpentry work for the porch posts, lighting, and the screening for the back porch, all of the exterior work is complete for the most part. The interior has had all plumbing, electrical, HVAC, gas lines, and a fireplace installed. The next big project for the interior will be installing drywall and making the cabinetry for the kitchen and bathrooms--it has been a little overwhelming trying to plan the layout and design for all the cabinets but by keeping things simple it hasn't been too bad. We are so fortunate that our builders make their own high quality custom cabinetry--it is their specialty--and for extremely reasonable prices.

 Every week it is so fun to see what has been done --it's really starting to come together!