Monday, April 17, 2017

Favorite Treats for Backyard Chickens

I will admit it--my chickens are spoiled. They get let out of their pen to free range AND they get plenty of treats. It's gotten to where they associate me coming out of the house with them getting treats, so now I just open the back door and they automatically come running, ha!

A lot of times the treats are just leftovers of things we aren't going to eat anyway, but the chickies DEVOUR them. My always rooster acts like HE found the treats for the hens and calls them over with his "I found food" call.

They definitely have some favorites that I thought I'd share with you in case you are in need of treat ideas for your flock:

1. Shredded Cheese

2. Grapes

3. Any type of leftovers with a lot of grains/rice/bread

4. Blueberries or other berries

5. oatmeal leftovers

6. scrambled egg leftovers

7. large pieces of cut up pumpkin or large squash

8. cabbage and leftover greens

9. leftover corn on cob

10. leftover watermelon

11. Cherry tomatoes

What are your flock's favorite treats?


  1. Good tips! And cute chicks! We plan to have chicks for fresh eggs once we get moved in and settled. I love these black & white ones. What type of chicken are they? And do they produce eggs for you?

    1. The breed that we have (pictured above) is the American Dominique. Yes, they do produce eggs (and they can also be raised for meat!) and they are such a great, all-around homestead bird. They are hardy, friendly, curious, and good layers. I can't recommend them enough! Good luck and enjoy--chickens are so fun!