Friday, March 3, 2017

House Build Progress

We have a foundation!! Woohoo!

 Last week and this week our builders have been busily erecting the foundation of our new house. It is so exciting to see it take shape! First the footings were dug and concrete poured, then the block has gone up and finally the brick. By the time of this posting the entire foundation has probably been completed.

We are so happy with how the brick we chose turned out. The brick is from Triangle Brick (the company our builder works with and recommended) and the color we chose was "Oakton" with a standard mortar.

Here is a close-up of the "Oakton"--the mortar will lighten a little bit more over time as it dries.

More in-progress work by the brick masons who are beginning to start on the north elevation:

Our well got put in and is complete and our electric has been installed too!

And here is the start of our fruit tree orchard we planted a few weeks ago:

Another view from higher up of the house progress:

Hope everyone has a blessed weekend,

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