Monday, March 27, 2017

Paint Colors

It's easy to get overwhelmed when building a house--we have had plenty of stressful moments when making decisions and modifying plans in order to stay within our budget. Choosing paint colors is no exception to creating confusion and uncertainty.

And who knew there were so many different shades of white to choose from?!?

Since it's hard to get a feel for a color like white, grey, or another light shade from a small paint card sample, I've been relying on seeing the paint used in whole rooms from pictures online or in magazines.

Since we are building a farmhouse, I feel that white is an appropriate color to start with for a clean, fresh slate for all of the rooms. Plus, I love the brightness and lightness that it will give to the house. I may gradually paint some of the rooms a different, darker color (perhaps the dining room and bedrooms), but to start I'd like to live in the house with white for a while to help me decide if and what color to paint before I make the plunge into color!

I am so nervous about committing myself to color and tend to go with a pretty neutral palette anyway....

The other night my husband and I got a rare "date" night to go out to dinner together by ourselves--want to guess what else we did? Went to the Sherwin Williams paint store, of course! I grabbed a bunch of paint chip samples that I knew were close to shades I would like to use in the new house.

At home I grouped them further into what I'd be using them for (see above image)--the whites for most of the interior walls, the greys for the kitchen cabinets, the mint greenish bluish colors for our master bath, and the others were just colors I liked in general. These are just the colors from Sherwin Williams--we have yet to look at other stores (and I'm not sure I want to!) so needless to say it will be a difficult decision.

Below are some inspirational photos from Pinterest with pretty neutral color palettes and various shades of white or light grey. I'm starting to lean towards a light creamy grey color perhaps for the kitchen cabinets, but I'm just not sure yet.....

Via Workbook by Westbrook

Via Jennifer Rizzo on Bloglovin

Via D├ęcor Pad

Via DeVol Kitchens

I've always loved a "mint" type green close to a robin's egg blue or jadeite type green in small doses--so I may use a color like that somehow in our bathroom or maybe as an accent color to some of the other rooms too. I'm also partial to deep chocolate browns--I feel like brown is a nice neutral for a lesser-used room.

And I couldn't help myself picking out some light pinks because I know the girls will love them :)

Monday, March 13, 2017

Sunny Slope Farm

Our friends who generously gifted us the land for our new house have been asking us what we are going to name our homestead.  I hadn't thought much about it really....who knew how difficult it could be to think of something unique and personal to the land.

Not too long ago they mentioned they had found some really cool old documents and papers stuffed behind the wall where their fireplace is (they live in the original old farmhouse of the larger farm), and a few of them happened to be correspondence from the old farm which was named "Sunny Slope Farm."

That being its historic name, I couldn't think of a better more fitting name for the homestead :)

Friday, March 3, 2017

House Build Progress

We have a foundation!! Woohoo!

 Last week and this week our builders have been busily erecting the foundation of our new house. It is so exciting to see it take shape! First the footings were dug and concrete poured, then the block has gone up and finally the brick. By the time of this posting the entire foundation has probably been completed.

We are so happy with how the brick we chose turned out. The brick is from Triangle Brick (the company our builder works with and recommended) and the color we chose was "Oakton" with a standard mortar.

Here is a close-up of the "Oakton"--the mortar will lighten a little bit more over time as it dries.

More in-progress work by the brick masons who are beginning to start on the north elevation:

Our well got put in and is complete and our electric has been installed too!

And here is the start of our fruit tree orchard we planted a few weeks ago:

Another view from higher up of the house progress:

Hope everyone has a blessed weekend,

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