Friday, February 10, 2017

Breaking Ground!

It's really happening, folks.

The start of our driveway!

We drove out the other night to the property to check on the progress of the driveway construction and lo and behold--to our surprise--they had broken ground on our house!!!

Looking at the footprint of our new house!

Looking towards the western end of the property and the start of a livestock fence

We closed on the construction loan on January 20th and since then have been anticipating when construction would start. Now that it has begun things may happen pretty quickly--we are so excited!

View looking back down the driveway towards the road--this is one of the views you will see from the front porch :)

BJ and the girls "inside" the footprint of our house

The start of a livestock fence to secure the back yard from the horses and cows. This view faces the South, where our garden will sit on the other side of the house.

I'm so looking forward to sharing our progress with you on the making of our 11 acre homestead. Stay tuned for updates!

Our first family "selfie" at our build site!

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