Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hurricane Matthew and Historic Properties

Sometimes during a natural disaster we don't think much about our historic buildings. It's important to know in the aftermath how to treat historic properties that have sustained damage.

Hurricane Matthew has had a devastating effect here in North Carolina with the flooding of so many communities and homes in addition to the loss of life. Once the waters have receded, we must think long and hard about how to rebuild appropriately in order to save the parts of our built environment that are so important to our local and state history. Documentation of the damage is critically important!

Most large-scale historic sites should have a plan for natural disasters such as hurricanes and flooding.  But many smaller historic sites as well as commercial historic downtowns and historic districts that never expected flooding do not have a plan. Below are some links to valuable resources providing information from the North Carolina Historic Preservation Office on what to do should a natural disaster strike in order to protect and repair historic properties.

Click HERE for a great article from the NC HPO's website on the importance of planning for natural disasters near historic properties.

Click HERE for information on Hurricane Preparedness and please check out all the other links (located HERE) to very informative articles on other disaster preparedness topics such as "Tips for Drying Out a Water Damaged Building," "Reporting Damage to Your Historic Property," and many more.


  1. I agree its so important to keep our history alive,whether documents or buildings.

  2. Yes!! It's unfortunate that we end up losing so much in natural disasters but good that still so many people care about saving our history :)