Monday, April 25, 2016

Spring at the Roost

Ahhhh, springtime.  We just returned from spending a couple of weeks in Kentucky with family and since I hadn't posted in a while I thought I would share with you a few glimpses of our spring around here.  I wish I had remembered to capture photos of when the redbuds are all in bloom because it is always so beautiful!

Our chickens have been enjoying the warm North Carolina spring weather.....and (hopefully) we will have some baby chicks soon as we have a broody sitting on eggs as we speak :)

The screened porch is a must-have here in the country and we are planning for an extra large one in our new house!

I love hellebores--they survive in shade, are hardy, and multiply every year!  Also such a classic southern addition to any garden. 

Of course you will not find our house without flats of seedlings and starts either under a grow light or hardening off on the porch like these tomato plants are. They will go into the ground in the next week weather permitting.

Because we have been so busy planning for the new house this spring, for a while now I've neglected  our current rental in terms of any decor projects or updating. As you can see below, our house plans came and it is exciting to see the all of the details laid out! Now on to the land survey, building permits, and plan modifications with our builder.

I hope you are having a pretty spring and I can't wait to update you as we continue the new house design and building process!