Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Homestead Design: Landscape Details

Lets talk homestead landscaping!

A lot of times landscaping around a house is an afterthought but in planning our homestead I think it is important that we design the landscaping simultaneously with the house itself, so that they can evolve together and so that we can maximize the use of the plants--whether they be ornamental, edible, medicinal, or as natural pest control.

FYI-- if you haven't heard, we are building a house on 10 acres in the country! You can read about our decision here and look at my first draft of a homestead design here.

In addition to designing the kitchen garden, I'm hoping that the landscaping around the house and driveway can be just as functional and beautiful. I plan on putting in some of my favorite flowering plants and bushes like hydrangeas, peonies and lilacs, a couple of small flowering fruit trees such as cherry and non-fruiting ones such as camellias, a small herb garden on the rear elevation of the house and shade-loving perennials on the north elevation of the house.

The orchard will be located to the southeast of the house where we plan to have varieties of apple, peach, pear, fig, plum and nectarine trees. Large and medium sized trees such as pecan, walnut, American hazelnut, magnolia and oaks will provide nice shade in the summertime and as a bonus supply us with nuts or pretty foliage.

I have zero experience with landscape design so I very much value your suggestions and advice! What do you think?