Monday, November 9, 2015

Peppers in November?!?

Yes, I just had to share with you that we are STILL getting peppers in November!!!

This year our pepper plants have been especially prolific. It seems like every week or so since August we have been getting basketfuls of peppers including sweet banana peppers, jalepenos, green bell peppers, and anaheim chile peppers.

We planted the hot peppers thinking we would only actually get a few handfuls of them at harvest time and boy were we wrong! We are swimming in hot peppers and we don't use very many of them in our cooking. So far we have dried the jalapenos, made jalapeno poppers and used them for a few dishes here and there but overall we can't eat them fast enough. If I can find the time I'd love to make some hot pepper jelly :) We have really enjoyed eating the milder peppers though, in everything from soups to eggs or just eating them by themselves fried or sauteed.

I'm thinking that surely by Thanksgiving we probably won't be getting any more peppers, but this harvest has truly been amazing and not expected.

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