Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Little More Christmas......

I thought I'd share a few more glimpses of my Christmas decorating with you. We really haven't done a whole lot this year other than fresh greenery, pine cones found in our yard, and the usual things brought out for the Holidays.

Below is our living room, which I really like how simple it is with the greenery, pine cones, Christmas tree and nativity scene.

I put this cute red tractor out with a candle and some greenery because I love how it made me think of a country Christmas out on the farm :)

Here is a little of our entryway (which has had a makeover--post on that coming soon!):

And lastly, a peek at my kitchen open shelving which is really the only thing decorated in this room:

I did not do any decorating in the bedrooms or the family room this year because they just get too chaotic for us at this point in our lives. How about you? Do you decorate every room or just a few?

Have a wonderful, peaceful, and joyful Christmas!


  1. Beautiful !...and yet so simple with just the right touches for the C'mas holidays. Your house evokes simpler and more serene times.
    Merry C'mas.

  2. Your Christmas decorations are beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful holiday :)