Thursday, October 2, 2014

Updated Living Room

I have been meaning to post our updated living room for some time now. It's been on my to-do list for a llllooonngg time and I'm finally ready to share it with you!

I showed you my plans for the wingback chairs and updated you on what we had accomplished so far in this post. If you remember, we removed the stain from the legs as best we could to achieve a natural looking, aged finish. I've only full completed one chair and the other one is still a work-in-progress.

I chose a neutral-colored fabric from Ballard Designs (Trilby Basketweave in Natural) to cover the chairs.

Here they are!

Other living room updates included DIY new curtains, DIY throw pillows, some tweaks to the gallery wall, different end tables (my mom's hand-me-downs), and the use of the top of the mantel as a display space. I think it feels more pulled together now and it certainly is a room consisting of items collected over time that each have a special meaning. Several of the pieces are family pieces or hand-me-downs.

the little end table between the two chairs is an old milk carton crate with a butcher block top

this trunk is a family heirloom on my mother's side- it still has the original owner's initials, "EMT"

The curtains were made by my mom while I was on bed rest with the twins. The fabric is Waverly Ballad Bouquet Robins Egg. I really liked the combination of the colors and even though it's been around a while I've always been drawn to a soft, classic floral. I think it provides some much needed color with the neutral furnishings.

I moved some of the larger items that were in this room to above the fireplace mantel. I think they fit better up there and don't take up as much space below since they aren't really functional. The railroad lanterns/lights belonged to my husband's Grandpa, who worked for the railroad in Slaton, Texas. The fan is something I picked up in college for super cheap and the hand-blown glass piece was made by my husband.

Have I ever told you how much I hate the fireplace box inserts they put in these when they renovated the and moved the house? Just another little thing that irks me.....there are quite a few areas where the landlord/owner cut corners or where the work is shoddily done. I can't complain too much though.

Where these vintage suitcases sit we are actually going to place my husband's keyboard set up permanently. It is much easier on him if he doesn't have to keep getting it out and since he doesn't have much space in the house where he gets to control the decor, I figured I should allow him this concession :)

Although I'm not a huge fan of having a separate living room from our family room now that we have kids, because we have two this one stays very neat and clean for the most part and allows a more formal space where we can have guests and celebrate Holidays.

I hope you enjoyed the living room tour. The pumpkins on the mantel are part of my heirloom pumpkin stash that I enjoy getting every year from a local market. The photo is just a snippet of what I hope will be my next post- a fall home tour!

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Wow! It looks great! I love the simple beauty of it!

  2. Very pretty! We are in the process of building a home and it is fun to look at how others have decorated as I get ready to do a lot of decorating very soon. :-)

  3. It all looks real good to me ,
    I like the stacked vintage luggage and your windows

  4. Your living room is wonderful! So cozy and that couch is amazing. And those curtains...thefabric is lovely!