Tuesday, August 5, 2014

House Hunting (and dreaming...)

We have been casually on the hunt for a permanent home (we are in a rental house currently) for a while now but have always been hesitant for a variety of reasons. The main one being that we never knew if we were going to move back to Kentucky (where we are from and our family lives) sometime soon.

Well, its been three years since my husband finished his Ph.D. and we are still here in NC! The longer we are here the harder it is to move back but at the same time we miss our family and would reap so many benefits of being close by--the most important of which is having help with the babies. However, we both love our jobs (I'm blessed to be part-time) and have a wonderful church family here and new friends.

Either way, whether we move home soon or stay in NC a while longer, we are keeping our eye out for houses that would be a good fit for our family. We'd love an old farmhouse with some acreage where we could set up our homestead. My husband definitely wants some outbuildings including a place for his workshop and of course a coop for our chickens. I'm hoping to find something at least fifty years old, with some architectural character and at least three bedrooms. The tricky part for us is finding this in a location that works in our price range.

In my mind I'm picturing something like this:

or this:

or this would be nice:

the classic Triple-A I-House is always a winner in my book:

I've always loved the Braun House in Rowan County:

but of course in reality we won't find something near that nice in our price range....

So we will continue looking perhaps for an old fixer upper or something much more modest. Y'all know how I love old abandoned farmhouses :)  Looking so forward to this next adventure!


  1. We are currently looking for a house too. A little desperately--we've sold our little suburban home, with our closing date August 29th (at which point I will be exactly 38 weeks pregnant!). We're having a hard time finding a rural property that suits our hopes, but we're looking at two *little* farmhouses on Sunday. They're pricey though, because they come with a lot of land. I'm just praying that the right house will come up soon and it will be clear the home that we're meant to establish. In the meantime, we can stay with my parents, so there's no need to panic--but it would be nice to know where we'll end up! Good luck with your search and your decision as to which are of the country to live. xo

    1. Oh my goodness, Rosalyn! Bless your heart. I hope you find a farmhouse that suits your needs and is perfect for your family! We just looked at one yesterday and we liked it ok, but not in love with it. Plus it didn't have much land. Glad to hear you have a place to stay in the meantime but I know how nice it is to get in and settled once the baby arrives! Good luck :)

  2. House hunting may be overwhelming for some, but if the place you’re moving in is your home town, I think it would be more exciting than stressful. And I hope you get to move back home soon. And while you’re waiting for that, researching on how you can turn your future house into a dream home is the best thing to do. At least you can narrow down your options according to your needs and preferences as soon as you can. Good luck!

    Marjorie Brown @ Jamie Hooper