Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Crape Myrtles

In July at the roost our crape myrtle is blooming lovely pinky purple blooms.  It has grown from a tiny sapling (a cutting from a church friend) when we planted it into quite a large bush/tree in less than 5 years!

Crape myrtles do wonderfully here in the Carolinas. So much of the time people think they are overused and call it a "developer tree" as it is often planted in housing developments, shopping centers, and along roadways for its quick growth. This is true to an extent, but an older variety during the summer when in full bloom is always quite striking I think.

I like the old crape myrtles you see beside old farm houses in the countryside that are huge and full of bright, hot pink and fuscia blooms. I've also seen some gorgeous deep purple blooms on crape myrtles in some downtown neighborhoods in Raleigh.

Here are some examples from my neck of the woods:

My little crape myrtle doesn't have many blooms but I harvested what I could for a pretty bouquet. I added a hosta leaf (our hostas are huge and doing great) to it and placed in it a small brown transferware tea/coffee pot in the living room.

I hope you are having a great summer!

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  1. I hate it when beautiful plants get a reputation for being commercial. California has many iterations of that -- agapanthus and oleander being two of my favorites.
    What a lovely crape myrtle you have! Do they require a freezing winter? I don't ever see them in the Bay Area.

  2. So pretty! Sadly, we lost our Crape Myrtle.It had grown tall and full and had beautiful pink flowers during the heat of summer when the garden could use a boost.This past winter was especially harsh and the greenhouses all told me we are just on the edge of their garden zone. Still thinking of replanting.

  3. I have crape myrtles everywhere on my property. I have them coming up as seedlings and I move them all over and give many away. Here in Greensboro they seem to thrive. Most of mine came from my grandmothers property or other relatives. I love plants with a story. You just can't beat their beauty. p.s. Your babies are sure growing.