Friday, June 13, 2014

Sweet Babies

 I cannot believe June and Georgia are almost 8 months old!!!

I am so thankful because my sweet girls really are very happy, good babies. They smile all the time at everyone and have never met a stranger. They love it when we tease,  and tickle them and their little laughs and squeals of delight just melt my heart :)

June "talks" and babbles ALL THE TIME and Georgia makes really sweet little sounds and blows "raspberries" constantly. They are sitting up now but I keep pillows around them because they still take a tumble every now and then.

The girls are eating solid foods now and they couldn't be more opposite. Georgia doesn't enjoy eating food very much and actually eats very little--rejecting the spoon, not opening, or spitting it out. June, on the other hand, loves every kind of baby food we give her and scarcely misses a morsel.

We had family pictures made and another photo shoot of the girls a few weeks ago. The lovely April (who just had a sweet baby girl 2 months ago!) from April Cole Photography did a fantastic job with our photo shoot. There are dozens great photos. We are so pleased and it is hard to pick a favorite they are all so good!