Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spring Greens

Our garden is brimming with spring greens!!!


romaine lettuce

Greens are usually the first thing we get to harvest and enjoy from the garden at springtime, and currently we are enjoying arugula, romaine lettuce, baby kale and collards, and spinach. Yum!

Most greens you can sow directly into the ground in the early spring, although there are times in the past we have started things like kale and collards and then transplanted.


the onions (and garlic in another bed) are almost ready

Once all of these greens are harvested or stop growing we will reseed and do some succession planting for multiple harvests during the growing season.


We like to eat greens as salads, or cooked in eggs, soups and stews, on pizzas, or simply sauteed by themselves. In the basket below we have all the fixings for a salad with our pizza for dinner: romaine lettuce, baby kale, and a white radish. All homegrown in our garden! 

How do you like your greens best?

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  1. Nice! I think I'd be whipping up a hot bacon dressing right about now.

  2. Oh, to have fresh arugula. I LOVE that stuff and could eat it by the handful with a bit of dressing. It must be so satisfying to go out and be able to pick an entire salad from your own garden!