Saturday, February 1, 2014


We don't often get snow down here in North Carolina. But when it happens, be prepared for everything to be closed and all-out chaos!

I have been hoping for a good snow for a while, and a few nights ago we got over 2 inches!! Now I know folks up north are laughing at our meager snow accumulation but down here, 2 inches is a big deal :)

Not only did June and Georgia get to experience their first snow at only 3 months old, but the chickens were rather surprised at the curious white blanket that covered the ground. For many of the young birds, it was their first snow too. Most of my hens would not leave the coop!

Only the boys and one brave hen were bold enough to leave the warmth and security of the coop to go outside and see what this white stuff was all about (and look for any bugs without as much competition). I could see their little chicken tracks all over the back yard, hehe!

chicken feet tracks across our backyard

I can surely say that my Dominiques are extremely hardy. They seem to be doing fine in the extreme cold and we don't even close the little coop door at night. In fact, even though we have a heating pad on the floor of the coop for some radiant heat, they all would rather be outside foraging in the woods against the frosty wind.

Their new rustic roost (aka chicken playground) looks so pretty all covered in snow! This cool work of art was constructed by a relative of ours from wood and limbs found on our property! The chickens love it :)

Have you had much snow lately? I love the quiet and peace it brings. 


  1. We have had plenty of snow!:) i do enjoy it! We felt like we had a heat wave with 30 degree temps this weekend. Love your chicken pictures!

  2. I live about 30 miles north of Atlanta, and we had more snow (and ice!) than we could handle! It took my Daddy and sister 11 hours to go 12 miles. My husband had to walk 6 miles home after ditching his car! Once everyone made it home safe and sound, I finally calmed down long enough to enjoy it.

    Anyway, I really love your blog, and your chickens look so beautiful against all the white snow!

  3. When I see your 2 inches of snow I just start giggling. We have 2 inches of ice outside. And under it 15 inches of snow. :)
    The playground looks amazing. ♥

  4. I'm blown away by your photographs. They're so beautiful.

  5. That rustic roost looks awesome! My chickens would really like something like that, so I'll have to get my hubby to build one for them. I love all these photos! The snow makes everything even more beautiful. You have some good lookin chickens! :)