Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Preparing for Twins: Baby Gear we are Doing Without

After working on our baby registries and having my first baby shower over the weekend we have been thinking a lot about what items are essential to have before our little ones arrive! Just entering the baby stores with a sea of baby "must-haves" and dozens of choices for each thing is incredibly overwhelming and can be downright stressful. We were extremely blessed to receive a good variety of gifts as well as all of the major and important items on our registry!

Onesies with chicks- how perfect! 

good friends at my first baby shower

eating brunch on the back veranda at the shower

 I don't think I will want my house transforming into a babyland zone of toys, walkers, swings, play things, and whatever other baby contraptions cluttering every room! We just simply don't have the space for that to be honest.

So, we are really trying to simplify our wish list for the twins and register for the essentials. Of course, our essential list may differ from yours, and there are many items that we'd still like to have that perhaps we don't need, but we are trying our best not to overdo it on baby gear. To me, this stuff takes up precious space and distracts us from working and playing with our babies in other ways that are beneficial for building their minds and muscles--not to mention the expense of all these extra things!

Below is a list of items we plan to NOT register for and go without (unless donated/gifted to us to try):

- changing table 
we will use a dresser with a changing pad--that way the dresser can stay in their room and be useful

-  swing
Nice to have, but not necessary.

- Pack n' Play
This just takes up room when they can just as easily play on the floor. If we need to be moving around or doing housework, we can put them in the sling or carrier with us. The only exception is we may have to get a portable crib for two, which could double as a play-yard.

- diaper pail 
We plan to cloth diaper the babies for a variety of reasons (saving $$ is one), but even if you use disposable diapers you can just use a trash can perhaps located in the garage or on the back porch. We will be using wet bags for cloth diapers.

- full sized high chairs
 We plan to use portable high chair seats (Chicco 360 booster seat) that clip-on to the dinner table-a HUGE space saver!

- toys 
We aren't registering for or buying many toys ourselves- I'm sure they will have plenty loaned or given to them!

- expensive newborn clothes 
Again, I'm sure the twins will receive plenty of darling outfits as gifts, so we won't waste our money.

- different types of strollers 
We will just be getting ONE all-purpose, high quality double jogging stroller- if needed, we can buy cheapie umbrella strollers later on. We were so blessed to receive the stroller we wanted at our shower!

-  walker or bouncy seat
Again, nice to have but not necessary. It's important for babies to lie on their tummies to play on the floor to strengthen and exercise important muscles. However, we did receive a nice bouncer as a shower gift so we will certainly try it out and keep it if it turns out to be really useful.

- bassinet 
 They will just use their cribs- plus, our room is located right next to the nursery with a door that connects or adjoins to the room for easy access.

- bottle sterilizer

- wipes warmer
umm........just one of those things we don't really need :)

-any type of baby videos or other technology

- a bumbo seat
They only use this for a few months anyway before they are sitting up on their own.

The one exception is that we are registering for a large sized portable crib so that we can travel with the babies and have something that we can easily take with us for them to sleep and play in. After getting home with all our gifts from the shower we have been setting up the nursery- it is SO exciting and fun! I will admit though it's certainly overwhelming the amount of stuff that comes with these tiny babies. We are already running into not having enough space for things--especially in the kitchen. We didn't think about extra storage  and cabinet space for the booster seats, bottles, sippy cups, toddler plates, snack bowls, baby food storage containers, baby spoons, and bibs.

I'm sure there will be even more items that we can add to this list after our babies are already here and we find we aren't using a product as much as we thought we would.

What baby gear items did you find unnecessary?


  1. Looks like someone has been busy !!! Good luck on all the preparation !

  2. I think it's a good idea to buy as little as possible until after the baby comes because you never know what's going to work or what they will like. Something that seems unnecessary now might become necessary later for your sanity. :)

  3. Great list! Every baby is different and likes different things! You are sooo wise to wait!!! My favorite baby items were my jogging stroller and my hip hammock/sling. I was given so many hand-me downs, so I did try other items. I ended up giving them all away.

  4. Great photos! You look wonderful :) I bet it is so hard to think of all the things you need for a new baby, and in your case, I guess you have to double it! Haha. I don't have any kids yet, but I think I will be the same way as you and not want to have my house totally cluttered with baby items. Our house is pretty small so we wouldn't have the space anyway.

    I love the onesies with chicks on them! So perfect :)

  5. I bet you're preparing so much for the arrival of your baby and I know how it's fulfilling for a mom to have a child. Good luck for the preparation and I know it'll be successful. :)

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  6. I love your list! We have been evaluating what is a "need" versus a "want" versus "why is that even necessary", too :-) There are so many options out there and it can be very overwhelming! We have been incredibly lucky and have had many of our friends and acquaintances gift us many items as they have been ready to let go of them so now we are are taking inventory, getting rid of duplicates and assessing a registry. Such a process! But fun, right? So many cute little things out there for babies!

  7. Such an exciting time! So many new gadgets out there. They can truly take over a house. Agree that sometimes they are used in place of human interaction. We did find the rhythm of the swing would often sooth a fussy baby.

  8. This post is so helpful. We're in the process of putting things on our registry as well as buying things ourselves. It's pretty overwhelming. I really like the idea of making a list of NOT-needed items. I am trying not to go overboard here....

  9. Good for you! We I finally (argh) get pregnant, I'm going to borrow a bunch of stuff from my friends. They've already all had babies, so I don't really need to buy too much new.