Monday, June 10, 2013

Planning for the Nursery

WHAT?!?! you might say? Planning the Nursery?  Yes, if you missed my last post, it's true: we are overjoyed and so incredible blessed to be PREGNANT! Pregnant with twins!!! After over two years of TTC, with the miracle of modern fertility treatments we were able to achieve our dream of pregnancy and look forward to welcoming new life into the world. God IS faithful!

16 weeks- not even halfway there and I feel big already!

If you are interested in the details of how we were able to get pregnant with male factor infertility, please feel free to email me and I will be happy to share our journey with you :)

Now, on to planning for the nursery. Lately I have been in a planning zone: planning and preparing for raising twins (!!), planning for safety and health of the babies, planning for good nutrition during my pregnancy, planning for how we are going to handle certain situations with two babies, whew! Of course, I have left some room in my racing brain for nursery planning. As you can imagine I've been dreaming about this room for quite some time, and I've always envisioned it as a light, bright space with soft neutral colors and a lot of white. Since we will not be finding out the sex of the babies until birth, I think my color scheme will work quite well for either gender. Below are some inspiration photos that I've pinned:

The room we intend to use is our front bedroom off the entryway, currently used as our home office (and sometimes as a catch-all storage room). This room has a second door that connects directly to our bedroom, so I think that will be perfect for being close to the babies.  The main issue is that we have a HUGE desk in this room that literally will not fit anywhere else (our guest room is already doubling as a music room). I'm thinking the desk with office materials and filing cabinet may just have to stay in the nursery for now, as the nursery is actually a rather large room.

Currently we already have a bookshelf, a few baskets, lamp, and an antique rocking chair in the nursery. We also recently purchased a jute rug from World Market. It measures a little bit bigger than a 6 x 9 and was priced at about $150. We chose jute because it's a natural fiber and made without synthetic chemicals and it has great durability. It's also surprisingly soft underfoot even for a jute rug and should hide dirt rather well from two active little ones. Here what the rug looks like:

I have the cribs picked out already (I've always wanted a classic Jenny Lind crib), but I'm still on the hunt for:

-an antique chest of drawers that can double as a changing table
- comfy armchair with ottoman (could be a glider too)
- roman shades or curtains in a soft white or sweet neutral print
- floor lamp
- vintage children's or baby books
- frames for black and white family photos

Another piece I'm going to try and fit into this room is a vintage baby/children's armoire that was mine when I was a baby and also used for my mom when she was a baby. It used to be in its natural wood state with lamb stenciling on it but was then painted for my room and painted again a few more times when my cousin used it for her kids. It's a great piece for hanging baby clothes and nice storage in the drawers along one side. Not sure how I will transform it yet, but I have a few ideas.....

I'm curious to know what suggestions you have for nursery planning? Anything you loved or didn't like about your nursery? Our babies will not be sleeping with us nor sleeping in a playpen or bassinet so they will definitely be spending quite a bit of time in their nursery!


  1. Oh, those photos are all baby beautiful! I love each and every one, especially the first one from "A Country Home." That has always been my favorite nursery. I did have a rocking chair with all four of our babes. I simply could not live without one! It is so soothing to rock baby (and mommy!)

    Have fun as you plan for your twins. We do love all those lovely nurseries, but babies really just need to be warm, dry and loved!

    Have you thought of downsizing your office space to another area? We just moved ours from our small guest room (a desk/table that was too big) to a new smaller desk/ table on the first level by the stairwell. It makes a nice little office space, and I really decluttered, filed and sorted to make it all more streamlined.

  2. Congrats once again ! Have a great start to your week

  3. You have a really nice space for a nursery! I like all your inspiration photos and I think a light, bright room would be very calming. I love the idea of using a lot of white in the room! Love seeing your cute baby bump! Pregnancy looks so good on ya' :)

  4. Congrats!!!! I must have missed your last post. I look forward to following along on your journey into motherhood! :)

  5. Love the color choices! I loved our rocker. I pinned this rocker awhile back that had a little seat on either side instead of arms. Where was that when I needed it! It would be perfect for you with twins!!!:)

  6. Megan, you look adorable! I'm sure your nursery will look great. You're so good with styling your house. It looks like something out of a magazine. Please keep updating. I want to hear all about your pregnancy!

  7. I guess all I can say is congratulations and congratulations!

  8. Megan, CONGRATULATIONS!! Such exciting news. Not sure if you remember, but I have twins. It's perfect that you are getting two cribs. I made the mistake of getting only one thinking they'd share, but they very quickly grew out of it! I'd recommend a loveseat or daybed over a rocker. If you plan to breastfeed, you'll need a way to put the baby down right next to you while you get one latched. Email me if you have any questions about the twin thing! I'd be happy to pass on my hard-won wisdom. ;)

  9. I love your inspiration photos! After two years of trying, my partner and I are expecting our first baby together in October (my partner is carrying) so we are in full on Baby Prep mode as well :-) We won't know the sex of the baby either, so gender neutral it is! Such exciting times!