Monday, October 8, 2012

Save the Historic Preservation Tax Credit!

I'm not sure how much or whether you've noticed all this talk between the 2012 presidential candidates, Gov. Romney and President Obama, on reforming the tax code.......but the historic tax credit is one thing that SHOULD NOT be cut.

Why, you ask?

1.  Because it creates jobs -- 2.2 million of them!

2. It fuels local economies-- this credit has generated nearly $100 BILLION in rehabilitation projects.

3. It revitalizes communities-- 38,000 of our historic buildings have been saved because of this credit!!!

It's simple and clear, folks -- you don't have to care about aesthetics or history or even architecture to know that historic preservation works and this tax credit is worth saving. The historic preservation tax credit helps the economy. Period.

A tax credit project: Murhpey School, Orange County, NC. "Before" rehabilitation.
A tax credit project: Murphey School, Orange County, NC. "After" rehabilitation
A tax credit project: Murphey School, Orange County, NC. "After" rehabilitation

Obviously, I think we can all agree that the federal deficit is a major problem. But this tax credit more than pays for itself. It helps generate tax revenue.

Please, please PLEASE contact your congressional representatives and urge them to support the historic tax credit and to consider making it a permanent program. If you would like to sign the pledge, click the link here: historic tax credit pledge.  Otherwise, it would be awesome just to let your representative know that this program is good for America in so many different ways.

Thank you!!!!


  1. What compelling numbers, Megan! I already believe in the value of preserving historic buildings, but this makes my stance even more concrete--I signed the pledge. Now, have either of the candidates spoken directly about the credit or taken a stance on it?

    1. Awesome! Thanks for signing the pledge, Erin :) I don't believe either candidate has ever addressed preservation issues or the tax's just one of those things that is a low priority for them I guess. I just hope Congress would realize how much this credit helps the economy!