Monday, July 2, 2012

Garden Harvest Dinner Party

A couple of weekends ago we had a fabulous dinner party with friends. What was so fun about this party was that everything we cooked either came out of our gardens or was purchased from the farmer's market or from a local produce source.

(Our pizza crust was homemade too!)

locally grown peppers and tomatoes
fresh hydrangeas for the work table!

Our menu included pesto pizzas with tomatoes, peppers, and fresh mozzarella for toppings complimented by a fresh garden salad from homegrown lettuce. For appetizers I made deviled eggs (compliments of Rosemary herself) sprinkled with homegrown chives and we also had local cheeses and a wonderful leek gribiche. For dessert we had a delicious peach chocolate cake made with local peaches!

basil leaves being prepared for the pesto
working hard!!  P.S- I would LOVE to paint my kitchen cabinets white some day
mmmmm......pesto pizza

We had SUCH a good time! I could definitely do this every month for sure and we are already thinking about doing another garden party with our fall harvests.

It was a wonderful way to utilize our garden bounty and enjoy an entertaining evening with friends.



  1. Delicious! What a beautiful menu! We have been cooking regularly with our garden foods too!
    Did you make the mozzarella yourself? I bought a cheese kit, but haven't made it yet. I was planning on making pizza and use peppers and tomatoes from our garden also.

  2. Michele- that's great! We didn't make this mozzarella, but it was from a local cheese farm. We do plan to make some homemade mozzarella soon though to eat with our heirloom tomatoes! Hope your pizza is delicious!

  3. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all! Your pizza looks delicious!!!