Thursday, June 14, 2012

Garden Harvests

Below are some pics of our recent harvests!!


We haven't gotten too much yet, but are hoping to reap quite a bit here soon! We have a lot of tomatoes coming in, our beans and peas are growing well, squash is flowering, okra doing good, and a lot more almost ready to pick! Some of our colder-climate crops like kale, beets, cauliflower, etc. don't seem to be doing as well. We may have planted them too late with our unseasonably warm winter.


my new harvesting basket!

we have several green tomatoes getting ready to turn. So far we have had two fully ripe tomatoes already!

Local honey!!!! I'm SO excited. We don't keep bees ourselves, but our friends from church that live not far from us do, and these are jars from their hives. It is interesting that they are two different colors, isn't it?

local honey from our friends in Snow Camp, NC

What kind of harvests have you been getting from your garden?


  1. Looks great! So far we've gotten jalapeno peppers and a couple cherry tomatoes.

    1. I can't wait until our cherry tomatoes ripen! Yum!

  2. Nice work! It feels so good to finally reap the rewards, right?

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  4. We've been fighting with that "unseasonably warm" weather to this year. It shortened our spring garden here in Texas. Happy harvesting!

  5. Great basket and there's nothing better than local honey! So far I've harvested enough pickling cukes to make 4 quarts of refrigerator dill pickles. The green beans are starting to come in well and I picked a handful a couple nights back. Since everything was planted directly as seeds in the garden, I feel like things are behind. Or perhaps I'm just impatient? :) The cukes were seedling I picked up and planted not all that long ago, and they're doing the best of everything in the garden. Lesson learned that I definitely need to start seeds indoors next winter!