Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bedroom Chest of Drawers

I am sooooooo in love with our new bedroom dresser. We desperately needed another dresser for storage, so this one became hubby's very own and I took over the pink one. In addition to the dressers, we have a small walk-in-closet and a tall narrow chest of drawers.

This particular antique walnut chest of drawers is a ca. 1830s-1850s transitional piece which reveals the growing influences of the Empire style. The dealer from whom we bought the chest purchased it from an estate in Raleigh.  The scale and massing of the piece and its dark walnut finish with aged patina drew me to this chest of drawers even while there were many other beautiful pieces to choose from. It is wonderfully crafted and dovetailed, the drawers are hand-planed on the bottom, and I love how each drawer has its own lock.

For this post I thought I would try my hand at staging, and I like it so much I might just leave it this way! I used some framed wedding photos, books, a vintage glass canister with some lavender and greens, a piece of pottery, and a basket for my husband to corral all of his junk in.

I think I followed the recipe discussed in this post written by Camille from The Vintique Object. I know I didn't follow it to a "T", but I remember her doing a post on how she is drawn to vignettes with wooden chests, some kind of greenery, an orb shaped item, and a mirror or picture frames. I think I came pretty close!

And before you ask, NO I AM NOT PAINTING THIS PIECE!!! I have painted furniture a lot in the past but an antique piece with this beautiful finish I would NEVER paint. Good quality antique woods are beautiful in their own right and I prefer to leave them alone. 

I think two antique brass or primitive sconces on either side the mirror might be a nice addition,
 don't you? 

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  1. Your new dresser is lovely! And I so need a basket like that for my husbands stuff. I'm forever picking it up and consolidating it.

  2. First your dresser is a beaut!! I absolutely love it. Perfect proportion, nice color. Just really nice.

    And of course, I do totally love your vignette. That little vase is especially pretty. And your photography -- nice! Thanks for the nice mention!

  3. Ha! I looked at that pretty dresser, and I thought it was from the 1930s. I was only off by 100 years... Very pretty!

  4. What a beautiful dresser! I'm very happy to *hear* you say that you won't paint it! It's absolutely gorgeous just as it is :-)