Saturday, March 24, 2012

Grapevine Wreaths

I love a classic grapevine wreath.

They are so simple and if you have an abundance of grapevines and can make your own for free! Grapevine wreaths can dress up almost any room to bring a little nature inside. They are also easy to adapt to the changing seasons.

I usually don't decorate much for spring, but I couldn't resist walking around the yard today and clipping little bits of this and that to add to my wreaths. I used a few bunches of fresh creeping thyme, a few clips of forsythia, and some tiny wildflowers growing in the grass.

Spring is truly here in the Piedmont of North Carolina--my tulips are blooming, my pink peach blossoms have popped, and the Redbuds are looking brilliant in their shades of lavender and fuchsia. I never knew how beautiful Redbud trees could be in the Spring until I moved down North Carolina.

I used to hate Spring because it was often so cold and rainy, not truly warming up until May. But down here in the Old North State, Spring is one of the most beautiful and savored times of the year.

The chickens really enjoy Spring too....sometimes a little too much (like when I have to scold them for eating the buds off the azalea bushes or taking bites out of the pansy petals). 

Happy Spring,


  1. What beautiful pictures! I love those wreaths too. We used to collect a different kind of vine for a friend who liked to make them, but I never learned how. Did you make your own? Also, I am totally envious of your spring. We had a crazy couple of days here earlier this week when it was absolutely beautiful and warm (almost hot!) out, when generally we are still hovering around the freezing point in March. But those days spoiled me and now that it's back to cold I feel like I need a proper spring. It looks like things are gorgeous where you are!

  2. Hi Rosalyn, I actually did not make these grapevine wreaths myself but I hope to make them myself in the future! And yes, we are having a very unusually warm and beautiful spring- much earlier than usual! I hope it starts warming back up very fast where you are!

  3. Grapevine wreaths add such a lovely texture to every space you place them in. I love how you have used them on your door. I should really dig some out and play with a few. Normally I like to save them more for fall but you have inspired me.

    So happy to found your blog.

    1. Thanks, Robin! Yes, I think you should get some wreaths out and dress them up for spring! They will work for any season :)

  4. I love grapevine wreaths!! Sometimes I just like to hang them on my front door with nothing on them. They're beautiful all by themselves!
    Glad I found your blog! Newest follower!

    Stop by the coop sometime!

    1. Hi there! Thanks so much for visiting and following! I agree grapevine wreaths are just as lovely on their own as they are with some embellishment. Looking forward to checking out your blog!