Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You Know You Have Chicken Fever When....

1. Your family and friends roll their eyes and tune you out because you are telling another chicken story.... again...

2. Whenever you see a child's playhouse you exclaim, "That would make the cutest chicken coop!" and then start to devise in your mind how you could retrofit it.

3. You purchase certain foods at the grocery store for special "treats" for your flock (aka grapes, blueberries, shredded cheese).

4. You cancel plans or purposefully stay home on weekends so that your flock can happily free range while supervised.

5. You "accidentally" come home with new baby fuzzy butts from the hardware store when all you had stopped in for was some chicken feed.

6. When you look around your house somehow you've accumulated a collection of chicken-themed knick-knacks and antiques. This collection seems to grow steadily as friends and family catch on, no matter how much you try to limit the gift-giving.

7. In many of your conversations, even with strangers, you can't help but brag about your chooks.

8. You see scrap wood laying on the side of the road and ask to pull over so you can save it for coop modifications.

9. You spend hours on www.backyardchickens.com and wonder where the time went.

10. You have pictures of your chickens up at work, on your computer's screen saver, on your cell phone, on your facebook page, or framed around your house.


(please post a comment to add to this list  :))) )

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  1. hahahahaha! I have done many of these, though I haven't stopped along the road for coop modifications. My hubby and I built quite the chicken mansion for our birds. We currently have 16 hens and 2 roosters. I love BYC! :)

    1. Hi Emily, your chickens must be very lucky! You have a good sized flock- we hope to get a couple more hens for ours before too long. I love BYC too- it is so addictive!

  2. Ha, we've already gotten the chicken knick knacks from relatives...

  3. Admitedly, I am guilty of quite a few of these things! I have one to add though- you come up with healthy recipes for treats to make your chickees, write down these recipes and then bake them! I've made homemade "flock blocks" for my ladies and roo for the winter to keep them happy and pecking at something other than eachother!
    Blessings, Kelly

    1. Kelly, that is a GREAT idea! My husband recently bought one for the first time for our flock and I bet they aren't hard to make! It is so easy to spoil our chickens, isn't it?

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