Monday, December 19, 2011

Greenery and Garlands: Exterior Christmas Decor

I love fresh greenery at Christmastime! Gathered into wreaths, boughs, garlands, you name it- I love it any and everywhere. The smell is divine and it brings life into the dead of winter. 

Our front porch

The wreath is hanging on burlap with the red trim
for under $1 per yard! 

Packages to decorate my front porch bench. I can reuse these each year! 

I'm very much into 'natural' wrapping with simple brown paper, twine and ribbon, and a little greenery. My goal is to wrap this way each year with recycled materials and natural elements. Maybe I'll change up the accent colors each year, but the basic elements will be the same for easy and frugal gift wrapping. 

I love this time of year......even when I have a broken leg :)

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  1. I'm moving towards natural wrapping as well. This year I'm using a mix of what I have left over and brown paper, twine, and vintage ribbon that I found at the thrift store.

  2. Brown paper is my favorite! It goes with every trim!

  3. Megan, I have a book that reminds me of the decor part of your blog. You might have seen it before: The Farm Chicks Christmas: It's lots of fun to read through and dream up holiday decor (my mom gave it to me for Christmas last year). Anyway, just thought I'd share. Merry Christmas!


  4. Hi Megan, I've really enjoyed the simplicity of your Christmas decor. So beautiful, as always!
    Best wishes for a speedy leg recovery!!

  5. These are so lovely, Megan! I'm hoping next year to move toward more natural wrapping papers. My husband has been dumpster diving this year to help feed the pigs (it's astonishing how much produce is thrown away at grocery stores!) and he happened to score a bunch of wrapping paper in the fall. So we used that since it seemed a green-ish, frugal option. But the aesthetic side of me would love to go with the look you achieved.

    P.S.--I have a pair of white church pews just like you have! You didn't happen to pick them up at an antique store in Burlington?

  6. Thank you, ladies! Natural wrapping is so much easier in terms of supplies knowing all you need is brown craft paper, newspaper, and some twine each year. Recycled bags work great too!

    Erin- My church pew is actually an original pew from my very own sweet country church in Saxapahaw! We received it from a fellow church member. I have a feeling older church pews such as these probably make there way around NC, some of them ending up in antique stores. I think they are perfect on porches!