Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Apartment Therapy Feature!

Hi Folks!

Today our home is one of the featured tours on the Renest section of Apartment Therapy! It is called "BJ and Megan's Traveling Farmhouse Homestead." I'm super excited. You can check it out here: 

The photographer for the shoot, Katie, did a wonderful job with the tour.  If you enjoy the post be sure to leave Katie a nice comment on her excellent work!


  1. Megan, your house is beautiful. I bet you wish you owned it. I would! You have excellent style. Congratulations on your big time Apartment Therapy feature. Awesome! I hope your leg is feeling better. Oh, and say hello to the FB CRMP crew from me. =)


  2. Thanks, Kaitlin you are so sweet! I will definitely tell everyone at the office you said hello :)

  3. How thrilling!!! I really enjoyed seeing the house and rooms you haven't yet featured on the blog. (For instance, what a great mirror over your bathroom sink--is it Eastlake style?) Your apron collection is beautiful, I loved that your brown transferware made the tour, and the chicken pictures are delightful!