Saturday, November 19, 2011

A wall of mirrors or Paul Sawyier prints? Or both?

Do you ever have blank walls in your home that are begging for something beautiful to cover them? I have struggled with what to place on the wall above my sofa in our living room for some time now. A piece of artwork? Haven't found a piece I like (or can afford) right now.... Family photos? Would need to do a nice photo shoot and have matted and framed.... Something with texture or more three-dimensional for interest? Hmmm......

Using what I already have, I came up with two options:

1) Hang all (or several of) the mirrors I have together in a collection on this wall. It would be easy enough to purchase small decorative mirrors for any open spaces left in the grouping.

2) Group together all of my beloved matted and framed Paul Sawyier Prints to create a "gallery wall." Paul Sawyier was a Kentucky artist famous for his watercolors of local scenes in soft, muted colors. Many of his works are of scenes located along the Kentucky River or in Frankfort (my hometown!), which is a big reason why I am so attached to his art. I like the idea of grouping my prints together, but am not so sure that the colors are going to work in this room. Also, taking prints from walls in other rooms to use in the living room would leave some blank spaces that I'd need to fill.

For now, I have decided to use a combination of the two. I'm please with how it turned out but I'm not set on it staying this way. Perhaps I will move two more of the larger Paul Sawyiers from my entryway (shown in the photo below) to add to this wall?

So many decisions! Seems like I am always changing things up, but, I'm the kind of person that needs variety in my space.

Which option do you like?


  1. Megan -- it looks so totally great. I love the combination of mirror and art. Gives your space such luminosity. Prettily arranged too!

  2. I love the free-form style of wall-hanging. Here's how I did my wall in my bedroom! We have more artwork than family photos, so it makes far more sense!