Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Church Pew Bench

We are the proud owners of a ca. 1920s pew formerly used in our very own church we attend! After being replaced the older pews had been given away to congregation members or discarded. Our dear friends gave us a pew that wasn't being used since they know we love antiques- what a blessing!

We decided to use the pew as a bench on our front porch since it was already painted and would be somewhat protected from the elements. The pew was fairly beat up and needed some work, but I didn't mind. A few weekends ago when we hosted family and friends to celebrate my husband's defense of his doctorate degree, we pulled a table up to the bench with chairs for outdoor seating on the front porch. 

I think it works rather well!  I will treasure this piece always as a relic from our sweet church that we have come to love and depend upon as our Christian family.  A new use for an unconventional piece. Do you have unusual pieces of furniture that you have recycled into new uses?

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