Sunday, July 17, 2011

Drying Herbs

I decided to try drying some herbs from my pots outside. I LOVE fresh herbs....the smells are divine and I love cooking as much as I can with them. Growing, drying, and storing your own fresh herbs is a wonderful way to be more self-sufficient in your cooking and homesteading activities, but it's also a money-saver!

To start, I collected several healthy stems from my small herb "kitchen" garden. I then tied the stems in bunches with some twine and hung them from a wrought-iron metal gate we have in our foyer area. I thought this would be a good place since it stays dry and pretty cool.

dried herbs

Next I simply plucked the leaves of each herb from the primary stems and stored each in an air-tight container. It is best to use your dried herbs up within a year. It is also recommend not to chop or mince the leaves until you are ready to use them in order to preserve freshness. It couldn't be any easier!

plucking the rosemary from its stem

Store your dried herbs in air-tight containers. It is recommended that you not chop or crush the herbs until you
are ready to use them in cooking. They will retain more of their flavor this way. 

Harvesting frequently and drying in the summer allows you to enjoy fresh herbs throughout the colder months. I could not believe how simple a task it was. I am never buying store-bought herbs that I can grow in my backyard again!

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  1. all the pictures are great, but i ecspecially love the last one! awesome post!

  2. I want to try this! Our herbs were eaten (not by us, but grasshoppers!) while we had a short hospital stay the last part of May... we'll have to try again.

  3. There's nothing quite as good as something you grow yourself. Looks wonderful and I'm sure they taste yummy too!

  4. Ms. M. I hang herbs from my garden on the kitchen ceiling, fresh every hear. I use them all winter. Thanks for sharing and especially thanks for coming by for a read on my blog, My Old Historic House. Happy Herbing!

  5. I started drying my herbs this summer too! I had never done it before, but you are right it is so easy. We are also harvesting our sunflower seeds to make bird feed. I will probably blog about this next week. I always enjoy reading your posts!

    -Ashley Darland

  6. Megan, I wanted to return the blog visit and thank you for the kind comment. Lovely herb photos. You're inspiring me to do something with the piles of dried herbs in my pantry!

  7. Beautiful pictures! I love your little herb planter garden on your porch - looks so close to hand and pretty too, and your plants are growing so vigorously :) Are you planning on drying enough to use all winter? I find we use the herbs quickly here so I don't get a chance to dry any! I guess I should grow more plants to have extra

  8. hi
    beautiful photos!!!! your herbs looks wonderful.
    thanks for the inspirationen!
    have a nice day,

  9. I have never tried drying herbs yet. I hope to one of these days. Thanks for the tutorial.

  10. Thanks for sharing what you have done with your herbs! My are still growing but should be ready in a couple of weeks. My plan was to dry them too. Thanks for visting my blog too!!