Monday, May 9, 2011

2011 Run for the Roses

And they're off!! Animal Kingdom shocked the world as he crossed the finish to win the 137th Kentucky Derby. It was a beautiful day for racing and good eats with around forty people attending our Derby party! The party was great fun, but I'll admit I am totally exhausted...

Of course I never take as many photos as I had hoped to! We used our Buffalo Trace half a bourbon barrel to hold ice with bottled drinks and I completely forgot to snap a pic. Oh well. Here are some highlights from the afternoon:

"Louisville Shortbread" horseshoe cookie favors
a spread of Kentucky specialties and Derby fare
(in addition to burgoo we had cooking on the stove)

Derby Pies and desserts on the dining room mantel
Bourbon Balls
mint for the juleps

playing with the chicks
vintage decanter and Derby glasses
me and my friend, Heather

If you haven't been keeping up with this Derby series and would like to see more, check out the first three posts: Talk Derby to Me!, Derby Preparation and Menu, and Derby Party Sneak Peak.

Hope you had a Happy Derby Day!


  1. Everything looks just gorgeous -- I especially love the pies on cake plates on the mantel and the vintage Derby cups. And how fun that all the ladies wore hats!

    Yes, I can see why you are exhausted!

  2. Wow, love all the details. Looks like it was a lovely party. You've probably already starting planning next year's party!

  3. Now that why I'm for leaving Ireland - just came across your blog. I love the shots of the pie but the roses in the Jars in beautiful x

  4. What a beautiful party! I might just have to throw one next year as an excuse to wear a hat!