Friday, March 18, 2011

New Sofa

Our new sofa was delivered this past weekend....and I am in love with it. This was one of our few major furniture purchases that was not an antique (btw, antiques are SO much more affordable than new furniture in my opinion). I always usually go for bargain, yard sale, or second-hand pieces, but we decided we should invest a bit more in a nice sofa.

We found it at Funitureland South in High Point, which, if you have not been is like the quality-wholesale-furniture-at-discount-prices motherload. It will literally take you DAYS to view everything they have. On top of their regular space, they also have a huge outlet center in a separate building. It is crazy. The sofa is Bernhardt brand, a company who has been making furniture for almost a century and a half and, even better, they are located right here in North Carolina!

I love the linen texture of the fabric

Now, I am faced with a design dilemma: in which room should it go? The living room? Or the family room/den?
It currently sits in the living room as pictured here. Shown are the green
pillows that came with it. I hope to either find or sew different
covers for them. 

This is our family room, and the sofa would actually go on the opposite wall
of this chair combo. We currently have a different sofa (the one formerly in
the living room) in the spot now. It is covered in black and cream ticking. 
I'd like for it to go in the living room because that is the more formal of the two rooms and I think it fits the feel of the room better, but my better half suggested the family room with the TV because we have an armchair/ottoman combo that it would complement really well. Plus, our new sofa comes with a special stain-resistant protection that guarantees any spills or stains to come out, otherwise they send us a brand new sofa. Additionally, I thought about perhaps turning the living room more into a study of sorts...

I would love your input or any comments that would help me make my decision!

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  1. Sadly, I am not very helpful when it comes to decorating but I will tell you that I love the new sofa! :)

  2. That is so pretty! you'll make the right decision about which room... just live with it a while... and you will know. I'm your latest follower.

  3. Thanks, Ladies :) Welcome and thanks for following!

  4. That is a fabulous sofa. I'm not real comfortable giving decorating advice, but I will say that when you live with something a while it will tell you where it wants to go. I'm a new follower please stop by and say hi when you can.

  5. Hi Karen! I think I will live with it for a while in the living far I am liking it there. Welcome and thanks for following :)

  6. What a gorgeous sofa! I vote for the living room.

  7. This sofa has beautiful lines and I love the nailhead trim! Place the sofa where you'll enjoy it the most! I'd place it in the den if you spend most of your time there.

  8. You have wonderful taste...that sofa is gorgeous! I really like where you have it now, but it would look great in the other room, too!