Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mystery Tree

We have a small tree visible right outside our bathroom window that pops with lovely pink blossoms in early Spring.

At first I thought it was a cherry tree, but now we are thinking perhaps it might be a peach tree...

Last summer this tree grew small fuzzy little fruits that resembled very small peaches (but were still green), but then one weekend all of a sudden they were gone. Maybe an animal ate them?

All I know is--I need some help determining what species of tree this is!  Any thoughts?


  1. Peach. When the bloom pedals start to die back you can see the tiny fruit inside the flower. To prevent overweighted limbs you should thin the fruits out when they get the size of a nickel. This will also help the remaining ones get nice and large. Dust or spray the fruits early and often to keep them worm free.


  2. Among the many things I am not, arborist is one of them, unfortunately. But what a beautiful tree! You are so lucky to have a flowering tree in your yard!

  3. Thanks for the advice, Matt! I've never had a fruit tree before but have always wanted one :)