Wednesday, March 23, 2011

farmhouse love

Do you dream of an old country farmhouse? The kind with a deep porch, a tin roof, hand-blown glass windows, and surrouned by picturesque rolling hills, gardens, and fruit trees?  Well, though it may be far from perfect, I found a gem of a farmhouse just down the road from my house that I've been admiring from afar....

Isn't it sweet? Yes, it is quite dilapidated and would require a complete restoration. But I think it would be totally worth it. It looks to be a cross-gabled plan with a rear ell addition (not seen from the road). The primary wing of the house containing the small shed porch is a Triple-A I-house, very common to this region, and of which I am particularly fond. The generous window bays are original two-over-two wood sash (at least what's left of them). 

I would have loved to have peeked inside, but we stayed on the right-of-way to snap some photos.

For now, I'll just have to imagine the potential and keep on dreaming...

You probably think I'm crazy. But someday I would love to take on the challenge 
of restoring a sweet little farmhouse like this.


  1. Megan, I do not think you're crazy at all. I love that house. At least the house you're dreaming of is a reasonable size! You've seen those that I post on Preservation in Pink -- too big and too far gone. But it's so fun too dream, isn't it? And I imagine choosing a house in a southern climate is much more feasible than up here in Vermont. No windows - yikes - better work fast! Thanks for sharing.

    You've probably answered this elsewhere, but what kind of camera do you use and how do you put the (c) on your photos?

    Thanks! And again, I love it!


  2. It's a beauty! I particularly love the old rusty roof. Blogs are so much fun -- it's so rare that I meet people who feel the same way I do about architecture and antiquity.

  3. I LOVE it! It is house of possiblilities!
    I think she needs your TLC.


  4. You write "crazy" like there is something wrong with it!! There are people who can dream on a country drive, and those who cannot. You are blessed to be among those who see the possibilities!

  5. I'm so glad to hear that many of you also see the potential in preserving properties like these!

    Kaitlin: Yes, it is fun to dream-I do it a lot with houses like these! We use a Pentax k-x camera. My husband actually takes many of the photos because he is into photography as a hobby. To make the copyright symbol, use the keyboard shortcut "option+G" for a Mac or ALT+CTRL+C for a PC. It is definitely a good idea to "watermark" your photos if you can :)

  6. I love it! If only the farm house could talk, just think of the stories it could tell:) You asked if Buff Orpingtons like to be held. The answer is YES! That is unless they are out of the run and foraging in the grass--then I have to catch them..

  7. So, I'm not the only one who loves to look at old houses like this, thinks they are beautiful, and dreams of their potential? :) It's nice to see this post. I absolutely love homes like this. Seeing them also brings back memories of my grandmother's old house before they placed a nice modular home on the farm and lived in it while the other just stood there and we weren't allowed near it. I remember when they used to live in it, though, even though it was old even then...hearing the screen door slam, all the smells it had throughout it, and the sounds parts of the house made when you walked through (especially parts that hadn't been used for years and us children were forbidden but snuck into anyway). Anyway, for whatever reason, seeing these kind of run-down homes makes me hopeful and happy...just thinking of what they COULD be if someone knew what to do and took the time to help it live up to its potential. Glad I'm not alone with that. :)

  8. Daisy- you are definitely not alone in your thoughts on this! It's amazing the memories that old houses can harbor- stirred up not just by sight but by sound and even smell too! Sometimes there is just a unique quality-a feeling-that an old house has when you are inside that is very special.