Monday, February 21, 2011

Homesteading at the Roost

our very first egg

Here at Restoring the Roost I haven't focused as much on our homesteading activities (oh, right... except the chickens, of course...I am kind of obsessed with talking about my chickies).

Even though I wouldn't necessarily call myself a homesteader, all of the various arts involved in homesteading are very important to me--and I cannot shake my deep longing to become more self-sufficient and connected to the land that God blessed us with. I love gardening and cooking with the fruits of my labor, my husband brews his own beer, and we raise backyard chickens. In the future we hope to grow a lot more of our own food than we currently do, and perhaps have a small vineyard. I also love to fix up my roost. Does that make me a homesteader, too? Perhaps.

Mr. Rue thinks he's hot stuff

My journey of restoring the roost, wherever that may be, includes not just my physical home and its historic fabric, but also the health of our homestead, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Below are some goals for healthy living I've made for this year similar to Amy's "Food Journey" over at Homestead Revival.  These will result in BIG but needed lifestyle changes for our family:

Goal # 1- pray more and be more diligent in daily Bible study.

Goal # 2- eliminate processed foods

Goal # 3- cut way back on consumption of sugar, especially anything with refined sugars

Goal # 4- switch to buying organic produce or local farmer's market produce as much as possible, particularly for the "dirty dozen"

Goal # 5- switch to antibiotic and hormone-free meats if possible or available

Goal # 6-  become more organized at home, devoting a set time for chores and housekeeping each day (instead of letting it all pile up for the weekend)

Goal # 7- try raw goat's milk (if available) and consider eventually keeping goats. If I can't stomach it, then at least switch to hormone-free organic milk

Goal # 8- be able to bake my own bread with local grown/milled whole grains

Goal # 9- switch to all-natural or green cleaning products (we already use green products for some things, but need some alternatives to bleach and regular detergents)

Goal # 10- put extra effort into making our vegetable garden more productive

Quite a list, huh? I am planning to gradually make these changes so that it's not so overwhelming all at once. So, any thoughts or advice? I'd love to hear stories about your own homesteading goals!


  1. Like the list...Try the goat milk you will be pleasantly surprised. I never in a million years thought I would like it. Just a tip though make sure where ever you try it from #1 it is fresh #2 from a trust worthy source #3 that it is good and cold #4 that it comes from a dairy goat...not all goat milk is created equal. It really depends on what kind of milk you are used to drinking. I like whole milk and I prefer our Nubian milk. My kids like 1-2% and they prefer our Saanan's milk. (and the milk is even better if the doe has not been around a buck) Good luck!

  2. Great list! I'm in agreement with #1-#10, except I'm not sure about keeping goats.. I am looking into Guineas-I just haven't convinced the husband of their worth!

  3. Great list!! Reminds me I need to refer back to mine, and you have given me some more things to add as well! :)
    Thanks for joining the Hop! :)
    Megan Jenelle

  4. I have a list almost identical to yours! I'm visiting from the barn hop.

    happy day!

  5. Thanks, everybody! This barn hop has been really fun and I've enjoyed learning about everyone's homesteading activities.

    Laura-Lisa: thanks so much for the tips on goat's milk! We do have a goat farm just minutes from our house, but not sure if they are allowed by state law to sell raw goat milk?

    Rebecca: Excited to hear you are thinking about keeping Guineas! I had heard they were good for warning chickens of predators (since they are super loud), but not totally for sure of that. They are hilarious to watch when they run around together :)

  6. Love your list! (Not sure if you remember me, by the way...but you might. Been a while since we've been in touch!) We actually already do a lot of these things or have them as goals ourselves. I make almost all of our cleaners - I'm happy to share recipes! I have a big list from when I did a green cleaner party a while back. They're all so very easy to make, and they all work very well - many work better than conventional cleaners you might buy at the store. Just let me know if you're interested! :)

  7. Hi Daisy!! How are you guys? I would LOVE to see some of your recipes for green cleaners! That is so cool you make your own. Glad to hear that they work just as well as conventional cleaners. So good to hear from you!

  8. Great! I'm not sure I have your current email. Mine is daisyryan.adkins(at)gmail(dot)com. Just send me an email sometime so I'll have your current one, and I can get all the recipes to you. :)