Tuesday, January 25, 2011

HELP!!! I think I've spoiled my chickens....

So I'll admit, I'm pretty sure my chickens are spoiled. How did this happen?!?  The little stinkers are becoming SO particular about things. My flock has created set routines that would make me feel guilty if I broke them. For example, they now get treats when I come home from work in addition to in the morning.  I think they hear my car pulling into our gravel drive because every night when I pull in I can see their little shadows coming out of their coop and down the ramp into their run, waiting for me to give them a visit.

AND they like to eat the treats out of my hand (they'll fly up on the ramp just so they can eat out of my hand). If I move my hand to let one of the others indulge, that hen will start "talking" to me to let me know she wasn't finished.

Mr. Rue has started this thing where he will crow and crow and crow on the weekends until we finally get up and go outside to pay them attention, give treats, or let them out.  Yes, I know, they have us trained.

Sometimes they receive extra special treats such as grapes, shredded cheese (their absolute favorite), watermelon, pumpkin, or leftovers.  I only do this occasionally because otherwise when I offer regular "scratch" treats they would just look at me like, "Where's the good stuff, mommy?"

The flock stuffs their faces with leftover cottage cheese- their beaks, combs, and wattles were completely covered!

It's gotten to the point that when they are out free-ranging in our yard and they hear our back door open or my voice, they come running with mouth-watering expectations. Oh, the joys of keeping chickens!  Perhaps this is easy to do with a small flock...does anyone else think that their chickens are spoiled?


  1. Love your flock! Mine are spoiled as well :) I agree with you that new is not always better... Your home is beautiful, I look forward to following your site!

  2. Hi Rebecca and thanks for following! Love that you have chickens too--they are so much fun, aren't they? I love your blog and look forward to all the good chicken-related and gardening info!!