Sunday, December 19, 2010

Chicken Update: Chamomile is laying!!

Thought I'd update everyone with some news from the poultry pen: Cammi is FINALLY laying! Yay!!! Her eggs are a lighter, pinky brown color and are easy to distinguish from her sister's eggs which are a darker tan color with speckles.

Rosemary is doing fine and is usually the sweeter of the two, and Mr. Rue is, well....a horndog. Literally every morning when they come out of their coop he tries to jump one of the ladies (they both try to escape him if they can). I usually push him off and DO NOT allow him to mount the hens in my presence. However, I do admit I love having him around because he is HILARIOUS.

Mr. Rue strutting around

For those of you that have chickens but don't have a roo--reconsider getting one if you don't mind the crowing in the morning! Mr. Rue has the funniest reactions to things and the interaction between him and the hens is very amusing. He's also good for protecting the hens from danger. I've seen him on multiple occasions sound alarms when predators are near and become very distressed when he can't seem to find one of his girls. When free-ranging he will also find food for the girls and call them over to indulge in the goodies. Mr. Rue is very sweet and watches while the ladies eat first.

They LOVE to play on our back patio, and last weekend we heard them hopping up and down the stairs to the back door. We opened the door and there they were....curious little things sneaking a peak inside.

Just in case you were wondering, no, we did NOT let them in!

Mr. Rue is giving us one of his looks....(not the "stink eye" this time, yay!)

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